Xqisit Gold 1350 mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank w/Micro-USB

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Smartphone batteries don’t always last through a busy day, the XQISIT 1350 mAh Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank will give you enough of a boost to make it past the evening. It’s small and light enough to carry in your pocket or purse all day. It comes with an integrated Micro USB connector. Simply plug-in your device to the unit and press the power button located on the side of the power bank to charge up! A solid blue LED indicates that the unit is ready to charge. If the LED doesn’t show any activity after pressing the power button, the device may be out of power and needs to be re-charged by using a Micro USB cable included in the box. Now with the XQISIT 1350 mAh Power Bank mobile emergencies are finally a thing of the past.