Samsung LED View Cover Case (EF-NG955PPEGCA) (Pink) for Galaxy S8 Plus

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus LED Flip Wallet will amaze you from the moment you attach it to your device. Using a simple and informative LED display, you can get information on your phones status - such as current time, calls, messages, battery status and volume to name a few - quickly and easily without opening the cover.

Convenient and Slim

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus LED Flip Wallet has a convenient card pocket on the back of the flip cover yet still maintains it's slim design. Simply replace the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus's standard cover with the LED Flip Wallet and enjoy your new device without it feeling any bigger.

Automatic Screen On / Off

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus LED Flip Wallet turns your screen on / off automatically when opening and closing the cover.


  • Check the time, missed calls, battery and more on the cover’s LED display
  • Keep your handset slim thanks to the compact design with a built-in card pocket
  • Switch the screen on or off automatically when you open or close the case
  • High quality design with premium stitch effect


Works with: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus