Optex Premium Ultra-Fine MicroFibre Cleaning Cloth for Tablets (Approx. 29x40cms)

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Originally designed to remove dust and fingerprints from high-end cameras and camcorders, the Optex Premium Microfibre cloth can be used for Smartphones and Tablets as well as TV sets, binoculars, iPods, laptops etc...

We tested this product on a BlackBerry Torch 9800 screen, an iPhone 4, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a PlayBook and an iPad 2 and were blown away each time by how easy it was to remove fingerprints from the screen without using any chemicals. Essentially, after just a few seconds, the screens of these respective smartphones and tablets looked as good as new again. The secret, we are told by the manufacturer of this product, is the fact that this particular microfibre cloth uses microfibres thinner than one-thousandth of a human hair. This in turn enables the cloth to effectively remove dust and fingerprints without scratching or leaving fibre particles.
  • Made of premium grade optical cloth, using microfibers finer than one-thousandth of a human hair
  • Deluxe over-sized cloth
  • Cleans without damage to lens surface
  • Use a circular motion to remove dust
  • Removes dust and fingerprints from cameras, camcorder and binocular lenses
  • Cloth washed in mild soap solution may be used again and again with same results as new
  • Large surface: Approx. 29 x 40cms when completely open