Naztech Black Magbuddy Cup Holder Mount

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The Naztech MagBuddy Cup Holder Mount is designed with a universal cup holder base that adjusts to fit any sized cup holder, making it a great mounting solution for trucks or cars with front facing cup holders. This unique vehicle mount is designed with rare, neodymium magnets to provide a strong, secure bond without residue, keeping your device 100% safe even on the bumpiest roads! Enjoy hands-free conversations and GPS at your fingertips with Naztech’s Magnetic Universal Cup Holder Mount.

Naztech Black Magbuddy Cup Holder Mount

Naztech Black Magbuddy Cup Holder Mount

More Adjustability for Optimal Viewing
This mount has a swivel ball and 11in. flexible gooseneck that allows you to fully adjust for an optimal viewing angle.

Easy Adjustability
Use your phone in any orientation, portrait or landscape, to fit your needs.

MagBuddy™ Plate Installation Options
The included MagBuddy™ Plates can be applied directly to your device, adhered to the battery just under the battery cover, sandwhiched in-between the phone and case or to the outside of the case.

Naztech Black MagBuddy Cards/Plates Installation



• Headrest magnetic mounting system
• Perfect backseat entertainment for passengers
• 4 built-in neodymium magnets for safe and secure attachment
• 360° Swivel Ball Technology for optimal viewing
• 100% Safe, Powerful Rare-Earth Magnets
• Quick and easy installation








Universal - All Phones