MYBAT Universal Smartphone Waterproof Case

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Part# 19011

This MYBAT waterproof case designed to keep your smartphone safe and dry. The underwater housing lets you use the touch screen and take great pictures with a clear lens. Perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, skiing and more, it guards against water, fog, dust, snow and sand, and lets you touch, talk and listen. 


  • Use your touch screen, talk and listen to calls
  • A clear lens allows you to take pictures (Flash needs to be Off)
  • Includes a neck strap
  • Guards against water, fog, dust and sand
  • For use with smartphones.
  • Designed in the USA 


  •     Please do a simple waterproof test without any valuables the 1st time you use it to make sure the bag is 100% waterproof.
  •     When taking phone out of bag after use in water, please hold the seal down to avoid water flowing into the bag
  •     Don't use this product in temperatures of 40° C or higher.