Gear4 D3O Beta Chelsea Inserts (4 pcs)for LG G8 ThinQ

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Express your style with Gear4 Chelsea swappable design backplates (4pk), simply insert them inside Gear4’s Piccadilly or Crystal Palace to transform your case!

With the Chelsea swappable design backplates you can revolutionize your Gear4 Piccadilly or Crystal Palace case to match outfits without changing your case completely, it’s the perfect balance of style and impact protection. Each pack contains a collection of 4 mixed designs inspired by global trends.



Express your style effortlessly with Gear4 D3O Chelsea Inserts! So easy to swap out, you can change your look as often as you like.


• 4 designs per pack
• Premium durable films
• On trend designs
• Compatible with Gear4 Piccadilly or Crystal Palace cases