Duracell Powermat Portable 1850mAh Backup Battery (White) (Wireless Charging!)

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Part# 24350

The White Portable Backup Battery from Duracell helps you avoid a dreaded dead battery on your portable devices virtually anywhere - it fits in the palm of your hand!

The charger is equipped with two connectors that allow it to charge a wide variety of devices. On one side, it has a Micro USB connector, which lets it charge most smartphones, eBooks, Bluetooth headsets, and more. On the other end, it has a 30-pin Apple connector for your iPhone 4/4S.

The charger itself is a rechargeable lithium ion battery that outputs one amp of power. 

Works With Most Portable Devices

Power up anywhere by connecting a Micro USB or iPhone/iPod device using the two on-board connectors 

Two Ways to Recharge

You can easily recharge your Portable Backup Battery via USB input. Or, drop and charge on any Powermat Wireless Charger 

IMPORTANT: Limited Quantities: Max. 10 units per customer. 

Please Note: The wireless charging capability refers to the ability to wirelessly recharge this powerbank (not to wireless charge your phone). Please note that in order to do so, a wireless charger from the Powermat standard needs to be used (not included). This unit can also be recharged the conventional way: using the included USB cable.