CyberPower Essential 3-Outlets Surge Suppressor (CSB300W)

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The CyberPower Essential Series CSB300W Surge Suppressor is ideal for Home/Office protection with 900 joules, 3 outlets, and wall tap plug. The three outlet surge suppressor is perfect for environments were multiple devices require power protection, but the space for a larger surge protector and cord isn't available. Its works great for protecting personal computers, wireless/VoIP routers, cable/DSL modems, tablet chargers and other personal electronics. 


  • Three outlets
  • Wall tap plug for direct plug in
  • 900 joules
  • EMI/RFI filters block unwanted line noise
  • Pretects connected electronics against line abnormalities and lightning surges
  • A Limited-Lifetime Warranty and further protection by a $50,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee by CyberPower