Cruz Brown Explorer RFID & Anti-Radiation Case (2019) for iPhone 7, iPhone 8

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  Offering a unique look with a dragon imprint, the Cruz Brown Explorer RFID and Anti-Radiation Case protects the brain from radiation during each phone call while keeping credit card RFIDs safe.  The Cruz Brown Explorer RFID and Anti-Radiation Case provides maximum protection for the user and their phone. When talking on a cell phone with the cover closed, the Cruz case blocks the powerful cell phone radio signals directed into the brain by reflecting its powerful radio signals back through the case and away from the user.  The Cruz case construction features 360-degree drop protection, a dent resistant bumper, wallet design, RFID protection, and soft-feel vegan leather.  To use, open the front cover to make or receive phone calls. Immediately close and talk or listen through the front cover with perfect clarity. The front cover should always be between the user and the phone for protection from cell phone emitted radiation.