mophie black charge force vent mount

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The mophie charge force vent mount is the perfect accessory for mophie cases with charge force wireless power. This mount allows drivers to go hands-free and wirelessly charge in the car without ever having to fuss with cables again. Thanks to the strategically-placed magnets in the mount and magnetic plates in mophie cases, it provides a strong hold in either portrait or landscape orientation. The charge force vent mount also charges on contact, simply place your mophie case against the vent mount and begin charging automatically at a 1.0A charge speed.

mophie Charge Force vent mount

The mophie charge force vent mount is compatible with mophie juice pack cases featuring charge force wireless power, enabling effortless wireless charging. To shop mophie charge force cases.


• Vent mount with wireless charging capabilities
•10W Qi charge output
• Four-prong mount works with a variety of car air vents
• Embedded magnets holds mophie case securely in place
• Rotates to allow viewing in portrait or landscape mode
• LED power indicator



mophie Charge Force vent mount, micro-USB cable, mophie car charger and Quick-Start Guide




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