Samsung 2A Adaptive Fast Charging Micro-USB Car Charger

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Part# 20463

Boost your battery life faster than you've ever seen before with this OEM fast charging car charger from Samsung!

Using the latest in charging technology, this car charger provides an incredibly quick charge to any device that supports Quick Charge 2.0. Now you can spend less time waiting for your favorite device to regain life and more time connecting with your family, friends and collegues.

Keep in mind that if the device you're using doesn't utilize Quick Charge 2.0 technology then you won't experience the increase in charging speeds. Instead, you'll see a standard 2A charging rate.

This car charger includes a 5ft. micro-USB cable that connects to the adapter and into your device. It's compact and smart in design, making it an excellent travel companion for any occasion.


  • Provides a 75% increase in charging speeds
  • Backwards compatible with standard devices without Quick Charge 2.0 technology (2A speeds)
  • Includes 5ft. micro-USB cable
  • Compact design, great for traveling
  • Bulk (non-retail) packaging

Works with all Micro-USB phones but the fast, adaptive charging feature only works with Samsung phones that support it like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Note 4, Note 5 (and later models), Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge (and later models).